If you're the proud owner of a Fifty50 artwork, you'll no doubt be eager to get it on display, pronto.

But first, the small matter of framing it. All our prints are sized to fit into commonly available frames, so there’s no need to visit a specialist framer if you don’t want to. However, it’s still nice to have a little help when it comes to settling on the perfect border to set off your beautiful artwork. 

If you’ve bought a small piece of art, we recommend you take it along with you when you go frame shopping. If you’ve splashed out on a larger size, take a snap of it on your phone. It helps to have something to hold up against the various frames on offer, to help you visualise the end result.

But don’t just think about the artwork. Also take a photo of the wall or space where you plan to display your artwork. What is the feel of the room it will be placed in? Is it clean and minimal? Or warm and natural? Does the artwork have lots of other décor to compete with? Or will it be the star of the show? These things are all worth keeping in mind when choosing your frame.



To help show you how a frame can really set the mood, we’ve taken one of our most popular artwork’s – Lautir’s skull watercolour Tiny circle of defence – and framed it five ways.



First, an all white frame that sits well with this selection of white objects. The pop of colour from the skull really sings out, and has no competition from the simple frame. If you are unsure about which frame to choose, a white frame is always a smart choice. It lets the artwork be the star. (Frame by Habitat.)



Second, a natural timber frame. This picks up on the warm tones within the painting, and creates a completely different mood to the stark white example. A timber frame can take the edge of a piece of contemporary art, making a softer statement that can than feel more homely, and easier to live with. This frame was chosen to fit a family-friendly interior in which warmer tones dominate. (Frame by John Lewis.)



Third, a dark stained frame. The contrast between dark and light makes for a very graphic statement. A framing choice like this works well in a room where a work of art must compete with other strong graphic forms. The dark border creates a strong line that helps the artwork stand out. At the same time, the white mount gives the painting room to breathe and ensures the heavy frame does not ‘suffocate’ the artwork. Remember: the frame should decorate, but never dominate. (Frame by Habitat.)



Fourth, a pop of colour. Be careful here – not many artworks can take a frame like this. But when the frame colour picks out a key tone from the image, it can really make a statement. This playful yellow frame works well with Lautir’s watercolour, turning the Petite print into a bold statement. When choosing a bold, coloured frame like this, be sure to choose a tone that suits the artwork - as much as the room it will be displayed in. (Frame by Habitat.)



Finally, an ornate frame. Again, not for the faint-hearted. However, a modern artwork can work well in a heavily decorated frame – the smart contrast of old and new creates the eclectic style that is so popular today. Plus, vintage frames can be picked up quite cheaply so this can be a really affordable way to frame your artwork. (Frame by Heals.)


A few final  tips when choosing a frame for your artwork...

If you have light or blonde timber furniture, white frames work well. It fits the clean, Scandinavian style.

If you have dark stained wood furniture, try a lighter wooden frame to break up the timber tones.

If the artwork will be hung against wallpaper, use a wide mount or a wide-edged frame to help the artwork ‘pop out’ from the busy background.

If you want a more premium finish, look for a frame with depth. Frames that stand out from the wall look much more impressive than those that have a thin side profile.

And always remember the artwork should be the star. If in doubt, a simple white frame will always do the trick.


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All images styled and shot at Fifty50 Mansions using the awesome VSCO camera app for iPhone.


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