You’ve probably noticed there are certain things that always catch your eye – a colour you favour, a style that always excites, or a pattern that never fails to please. They’re the things your friends might point out and say, ‘that’s so you’.

So it’s really not a stretch to suggest that your taste in fashion quite likely influences your taste in art. Which means the colours, shapes and textures that hang in your wardrobe are not a bad place to start when looking for ideas of what to hang on your walls.

It takes the pressure off when you think of shopping for art in the same way you approach shopping for clothes. Somehow everything seems much more familiar.

And the truth is, trends in fashion and art often overlap. It makes sense: the creators of each are inspired by the time they live in, the culture that surrounds them, and the visual expressions of their contemporaries.

Alexander McQueen Affordable Art Print

This year’s Spring/Summer catwalks have this year been dominated by pattern – florals, stripes and geometrics – often combined in surprising and exciting ways. So here are a few selections from our collection, mix-mashed and pattern-clashed for your delight.


Affordable Skull Art Print

Art doesn’t have to be hung against a blank white wall. Heavily patterned wallpapers have been back in style for a while now, so why not go one step further and layer it up with a work of art? It’s the art equivalent of pattern-clashing your outfit. Here we’ve styled Lautir’s A tiny circle of defence against Circus wallpaper by Cole & Son.


Affordable Typography Art Print

When hanging art against patterned wallpaper, look to match your colour tones. Just as you might when you put an outfit together. And go for a strong frame to provide some separation between the art, and the busy background. Here, we’ve styled LMAO by Fifty50 Foundry against Great Wave wallpaper by Cole & Son.


Affordable Fashion Art Print

Art meets fashion in the Aboretum Infinitum collection by Ben Golik. Kaleidoscopic patterns and mirrored florals also featured this year in catwalk collections by Alexander McQueen, while Givenchy showed vibrant, digitally altered prints.


Bluebellgray Watercolour Affordable Art Print

This season, watercolours have stepped off the canvas and onto cushions, ceramics and carpets. It’s a beautiful way to bring bring a splash of colour into your home. Lautir’s delicate watercolour skulls would fit beautifully alongside homeware by labels such as Bluebellgray.


Cheap Affordable Art Print

The statement T-shirt is a style staple. From Katharine Hamnett’s iconic Choose Life design, released in 1983, to today’s celebration of the wartime catch-cry Keep Calm & Carry On – sloganeering is bang on trend. Take the trend to your walls with prints like Beholder, by the Fifty50 Foundry.


Topshop Art Fashion Affordable

Finally, a big trend in high street fashion this year is celestial prints. Galaxies of stars have appeared on everything from eveningwear to swimwear – and even Topshop’s carrier bags. Although probably nowhere are they more beautifully represented than in Super Future Kid’s fantastical landscapes, such as Space Buffalo, shown here.

So look through your wardrobe and take note of the patterns, colours and combinations you favour. It will give you a great starting point to help you understand your taste in art.


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