Sure, art looks great hung on a wall. But there are other ways to display your purchase – without the need for hooks and hammers. Hall tables, console tables, mantelpieces, window sills, bookcases and shelves are all great places to display art.

There are two simple ways you can go about it. First, you could rest your art against the wall, and let it lean. Or, stand it straight and steady in a wide-edged frame, and let it be.

Either way, this is a fantastically modern and casual way to display art. And it makes it really easy to move things around – it’s the perfect way to collect, without commitment!


Our Petite and Midi prints look smart propped up in bookcases, especially when mixed in with other objects. Meanwhile, our Classic and Gallery prints look great propped up on shelves. Lastly, our Grande and Super prints can be propped on a mantelpiece, or even stood up on the floor, for a cool, contemporary look.

This technique works whether your space is clean, or you favour clutter. For the minimalist, a shelf or two of art can personalise your space – without the need for knick knacks. Just keep your frames matched, and your spaces even.



For the collector, mixing a framed work in with your treasured possessions can really set the scene. Try creating your own still life composition – mixing art and objects, perhaps linked by theme or colour.

This method of display is also ideal for people who are renting – you can experience the joy of art, without the wrath of your landlord.



Simple pairings of art and object let you play with scale to create drama. Try to play off colours and textures.



Art plays nice with books. Here, Super Future Kid's Electric Candy acts as a backdrop. Note the choice of book spine colours to play off key colours in the artwork.



Matthias Heiderich's architecutural studies really suit this paired back, minimal look. Styled here with ceramics from Habitat, chosen to reflect the textures and silhouettes of the buildings featured in the photographs.



The right artwork can even act as a bunch of forever-fresh flowers - brightening your home all year round.


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All images styled and shot at Fifty50 Mansions using the awesome VSCO camera app for iPhone.


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