The best bit about buying art? Banging a nail in the wall and hanging your new-found fabulousness! It’s amazing how art can transform your home – but you might be a little nervous about how and where to hang it.

Here’s our no-nonsense guide to getting it right first time.

1. First, cut a piece of brown paper or newspaper to the same size as your framed artwork. Then, using low-tack tape or blu-tak, position the paper where you think you want to hang your art.

2. Not sure how high? As a general rule, the centre of the artwork should be around 58”-60” off the floor. Start here, and then jiggle it up and down a bit to suit your taste (and your height).

3. Stand back and have a look. Does this position balance with the other things in the room? Windows? Lamps? Furniture?

4. Now mark on the same piece of paper a cross where the hooks or nails should go. You know what time it is?

5. Hammer time!

6. Remove the piece of paper, and your hook will be in just the right position to hang your art. The same technique works whether you are hanging one artwork, or a group of several pieces.

7. The final step? Make a cup of tea, sit back, and enjoy the view!


Above: Cutting a piece of brown paper to the size of your framed artwork can help you get its position on the wall just right.


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